Ancient Sculptures

This exhibit is showing the many sculptures created before the 1400's by different cultures and eras.  By Rebecca Broussard

This sculpture is a small figure of a woman from the Early Cycladic period. Due to the figure being made before any documentation the creator and the purpose for it's creation is unknown.
This 13th century sculpture is depicting the goddess Durga killing the buffalo demon demigod for trying to destroy the order and balance of the world.
The Goddess of Pratyangira is sculpted for the Indian goddess Pratyangira. This goddess has the body of a woman and the head of a lion with a mane. She is know for curing diseases and bringing rain.
The crowned Male Bust is a marble bust sculpted by Scultore Federiciano I 1225. This sculpture is showing a normal man from Holy Rome wearing the period clothing from that time.
This marble statue show a very realistic older woman holding a vase filled with wine. This sculpture was most likely made to draw attention to the common peoples prolems.
Tlaloc the rain god is the Mesoamerican god of rain a crop fertility. The creator of this sculpture is unknown due to the lack of documentation in this period,this sculptures purpose was a portrait.
Similar to the Woman of Wilendorf the Female Anthropomorphic Figure has no known purpose or creator. Like other Venuses it is speculated this is a fertility talisman or fertility goddess.
This phiyllite stone relief sculpture is showing the Hindu god Vishnu. The god Vishnu brought order to the world with his attendants. One of the gods hands is showing the sign o charity.
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