Visualization of industrialization-Terrence Lamar Ezzard Sr.

This gallery includes multiple representations of women contributions in World War II. From the  use of pCombining the use of aircraft cable, steel and leather in the 2007 production titled, " The War Horse. The Raw textures and patterns used with different colors and contrast along with the use of industrial materials as the preface for nature are depicted throughout this gallery.

In this photo there’s a dark gloomy backdrop, and a man on bent knee with his horse made of leather, steel and aircraft cables. The steel and leather used in the creations gives the essence of American industrial time period.
This photo depicts a man coaxing his horse to pull a plow. The spacial perspective is evident in how far removed from the horse and men is the man in the foreground.
In this photo humans are interacting with the horse in an intimate capacity. This illustrates the underlying theme of nature.
This photo is of a rehearsal of the production. In this photo the industrial mechanics are being displayed. Steel, leather, and aircraft cables are used as a representation of the industrial time period set for the production.
This photo is of the carnage of war with a soldier standing over a fallen comrade. The contrast in lighting clearly captures the soldier in the forefront of the photo, but also make the shadowy character stand out visually.
This photo is of two soldiers together in battle. The colors in this photo are gritty and representative of war and struggle.
This photo depicts some sort of war General on a horse during battle. This photo portrays a grim reminder of the history of World War One.
This photo embodies full interaction between nature and the men tending and feeding the horses. Man and nature is the theme for this photo.
This photo is two men and tow horses. The different contrast and colors between each man and their horse gives the photo the essence of the mind frame of society during the war and industrial period.
This photo is of a woman wrestling a boy during the war times. The theme of women are portrayed as tough and just as important as men during the war.
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