Bright Colors Used in Oil Paintings

Here is a collection of oil paintings that have bright colors either to emphasize certain elements, or just to look nice.

I chose this because it is an extremely old painting that uses bright colors very nicely.
I chose this painting because I like the way the bright colors really stand out against the rest of the painting which is mostly pale colors.
This painting also uses bright colors, especially on the flowers.
This is another painting that uses bright colors on the flowers.
I like the color used on the sunset in the right.
I love the bright colors used in this painting for the stars and lights.
I really like the colors in this impressionist painting.
I love how bright this painting looks because of the colors it uses.
I also like this painting of a celebration because of the use of color.
I think this painting is great because of the way that all of the beautiful colors are reflecting off of the water.
I like the way this picture has a wide array of colors, although they are bordering on all being darker colors.
I like how close up, this picture almost doesn't resemble trees, but when you get further away, you know exactly what it is.
What I like about this one is how it seems like there are random colors for things.
In this one, your eyes are almost immediately drawn to the woman on the mule.
I love the mix of pale colors and very bright colors in this one.
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