Darkness or brightness

Not only people can be compared with another people in a dark or bright side. But also, people can be compared with nature and everything that exists in the world. 

The dark thickness of tress can be contrasted with the bluish and grey region of sea and sky. Gold highlights on the carriage and dresses have a good contrast with each other.
There are so many weapons and other things that used in the war have dark color to contrast with Venus. This art piece emphasize the fragility of peace.
This powerful art piece has the light influences which is causes the bleached white of Magdalence's sleeve and Christ's loincloth to stand out against the darkness of the background
Right area of this art piece has much bright color than left part of the piece. The trees are contrasted with the blue sky and the people who do not wear the clothes.
The art piece can be seemed that the woman and the baby are emphasized by bright color. This gives me more attention to look much deeply.
The people are on the center has bright color compared to the background. This gives me the feelings of darkness and brightness.
In order to have the white color with the darkness color surrounded, it gives the feeling of angel. The white color gives pure and clean of the person.
The Christ emphasizes on this art work by using white color. Due to the bright color, all around the Christ looks very bad and dark. This gives me the feeling of Satan
The center of person is Christ who are depicted very precise and clean. Moreover, there are four people on the left part of piece are compared to brightness of Christ. People can get the feeling of bad.
In this piece, I can see the how the artist wanted to emphasize the Christ when he gets the flagellation. Around the Christ, the people look very dark and we can realize their feelings and minds in a dark.
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