Cool Art

My exhibit features beautiful pieces of nature by itself, and with people enjoying it. Some of the artists are Asher Brown Durand, and Frederic Edwin Church. You will love these pieces I am presenting today because they will give you an idea of what life was like back in the 1800's.

What I like about this photo is it shows people and animals connecting with nature.
This piece shows a woman posing for a a portrait, and surrounding her is a forest, lake ,and even mountains from far away.
This painting shows people fishing in a pond surrounded by trees, its like their in their own world.
This painting intrigued me because of the rainbow and all the colors, and if you look closely you see people with mule; using them to carry stuff.
I love all the water in this painting, and especially the small rainbow at the bottom which is probaly a result of the water.
This Painting of flowers was interesting to me because of all the different types of flowers in one vase.
This piece of art caught my eye because it shows a white man with a black man during the time of slavery.
What I liked about this painting was it shows and artist going into a studio to do what he loves; paint.
I like this painting because it shows two sides fighting, and also the fire adds depth to the photo.
First of all I love snow which is why i chose this painting. I also like this because of the nature around the person.
This painting is beautiful because of all the nature and the water, and even the sunrise.
I chose this work of art because of the waterfall that kind of looks like a water slide. I also like how the house is isolated.
This painting makes me realize that even back in 1864 friends and family got together to celebrate July 4th, so it is just like today.
The man in this painting has a very serious look on his face, and seems very into his culture.
I like this painting because it shows native americans playing ball play which is now known as the sport they invented lacrosse.
This man seems like he is just living the life, fishing on a sunny breezy day.
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