Metal Here, Metal There, Metal Evrywhere!

Art containing metal textures. -Timothy Powell

I chose this art piece because I have a thing for objects with sharp features. This art piece also makes me think of the word "war".
The way the handle complements the metal, makes a masterpiece!
I love this because it shows with it's history through rust and broken off pieces.
To me, this seems like an angelic piece of art, hence the wings on the woman.
This art piece completely disorients me, because i don't know what to think about when I look at it.
This is particular art piece was chosen because it reminds me of my grandmothers dinner plates. They contain a similar style of designs.
Even though this artwork depicts a woman in a bathtub, I immediately thought of a pirate ship. It's definitely the designs that made it happen.
Both the glass and the metal complement each other very well. I almost thought the metal was transparent like the glass.
I thought of two things when I saw this artwork; robots and medial armor.
Even though this is art. I automatically applied a question about the logic of it; "where's its neck?" But nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this.
This art piece made me think of the movie, "The Book of Life", based of the man on the unicylce.
I LOVE futuristic concepts for transportation, and this grabbed me instantly. Everything about this bike looks smooth and futuristic. Do we not already have a bike like this?
The only insects I that don't bother me, are butterflies. They're harmless and beautiful just like this artwork.
This work is so unique. Whoever said simplicity couldn't pack a punch?
Even it's peas in a pod, I think of corn as well.
Credits: All media
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