Life During the Great Depression 

The Dust Bowl was a agriculture, economic, and social disaster that took place during the 1930's on the Great Plains. Poor farming practices, drought and high winds created useless farm land. Thousand of families had to move west to escape dist storms and to find jobs.
These Shantytowns where called hooverville because Hoover was the president before the great depression and they thought it was his fault. These shacks were what people lived in and most of these families where homeless.
The New Deal was a solution to the Great Depression which included Relief, Recovery, and reform. This deal helped the poor and the unemployed
The breadline was designed to help the homeless and poor. This was a line that hungry people would wait in to feed there families. This helped the poor not starve and have a way to feed themselves and there families.
Soup kitchens where like breadlines. People waited in these kitchens to get soup so they would not go hungry.
Hobos where people who where unemployed, and where homeless. These people slept on sides of roads and in train cars. These people where also very hungry.
The Hoover Dam was to provide water and electricity to the Southwest.
The Bonus army was a group if 17,000 World War I veterans and the marched into D.C wanting to get paid for the war.
Herbert Hoover was the President before the Great Depression. They say he is the cause of all of it. They called ruged towns Hooverville do to him causing the great depression.
FDR was the President during the Great Depression. He helped America get out of it. He created The New Deal which save America from going under.
He was an author during this time. He write many books for people to read while they where suffering. He was a very famous writer back in the day.
The wagner act was created so that people could work in unions. We still have Unions in America today.
The Social secrity act was made so that when people retired they would have some money to live of of. It is still used today.
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