Amanda Fray Draconic Monochromatic

"Draconic Monochromatic" is a gallery of images and small sculptures that depict various dragons, mostly Eastern dragons, in a monochromatic color scheme, or just in one color. This includes street art and vases, as long as a singular color is used in the creation of the piece being presented.

The black-and-white monochrome piece focuses most clearly on the image of Mt. Fuji behind the clouds, with a small parting of the foreground clouds near the lower right corner to showcase the dragon.
With this piece, the negative space gives shape to the dragon, showcasing the details in the face, scales, and claws. The diluted ink around the dragon gives the impression of shadow underneath of it.
The hints of gold in this otherwise monochromatic image help to give details to the dragon itself. The splattering of ink in places lends toward creating an atmosphere that appears very tumultuous.
The red, black, and blue of this image work to create an intriguing atmosphere, not exactly dark, however still mysterious, surrounding the two dragons that are depicted.
The details in the black-and-gray dragon presented here are well defined, and the addition of a shadow underneath the dragon makes the creature appear as if it could separate from the wall itself.
The craftsmanship of this black ink stone is marvelously detailed, each cloud carved from the stone and the dragon's head prominent among the clouds at the top of the stone itself.
In this, the clouds are shown as dark and hides the majority of the dragon's body from the viewer. The portions that can be seen show an eye for detail, in the individual scales and whiskers depicted.
The image is highlighted with a light blue for the water underneath, however still retains the monochromatic look of the black-and-white of similar images. The details of the dragon itself stand out.
The dragons in this dark-colored jade are a little harder to see, however the craftsmanship in the carving of this piece gives the sense that the stone is the bodies of two intertwined dragons.
The all-green vase is relatively simple in that it places the focus on the dragon curled protectively around the upper portion of it, separated from the rest with touches of a light shade of green.
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