Horror - Alexis Rosko

This gallery is based on horror related pieces of art. I find horror fascinating because it always gives off this kid of disgust... but in a good way. Like wow, that's disgusting (or creepy). I love it. A lot of these are either black and white, or dark gloomy colors. I have always been a bigger fan of darker colors, because my eyes seem to be more sensitive to the light.

This piece is related to religion. It reflects on my theme because of the colors. They're pretty dark and displays people being crucified.
I love this piece. I think it is related to religion, not entirely sure. But, again with the colors and the texture set the mood of this man biting another mans neck and kneeing his back in.
I love this piece because I am a huge fan of ink illustrations and my main media is ink. I just found this so mystical but at the same time.. kinda scary because of the colors.
This piece is very of disturbing, which makes it perfect for my theme. But I also find this ironic, being related to religion, that this is a painting of two angels on Christ's side.
This almost makes you look twice, but the second time makes you cringe because you realize that her head is severed and there's snakes in her hair. Perfect for my theme.
For this piece I think the movement is what makes you realize the horror of this story. A man fallen over, possibly dead and is stabbed, while the people holding him look completely grieved
I definitely had to add this because of the ink illustration. Notice how the people are laying around on the street dead? I would find this super disturbing if I seen this in person.
Well I love these dark gloomy colors. It adds the sort of feeling of helplessness to the people in the water. The feeling of not being able to survive, would be a pretty terrifying thought.
I like the lighting, shading, and the detail in this illustration, while the human figure is just a plain silhouette. It reflects on the title of the image as if people don't know how it happened.
This one is super disturbing because it appears these two women are holding down this man to slit his throat. The colors also add to this emotion.
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