Robert's Colorful Gallery 

I chose the them of my Gallery to be based on color, simply because I believe color is a gateway to inspiration. When looking at art or anything in life, we always naturally lead to the subjects with the bold, vibrant colors, it is more attractive to our eyes. Life is full of color, so the art we enjoy should be too!

This picture contains a figure with a wrap around their face, leaving the eyes covered holding their hand out with black liquid dripping from it. The colors are very vibrant and attract the eye.
this picture has a hand shooting a beam into a portal and a bird like figure reaching for the portal. The deep aqua and rusty red really make up the whole picture and looks very appealing.
A wall with amazingly bright colors that are various types of lines, wavy and straight. The colors are so bright and can enlighten the mood of nearly anyone in the room.
An alien looking figure stands in the middle of the road. The blue head stands out compared to the yellow background and the colored lines level to the head, draws our attention to the bold blue head.
a woman who has a black swan as a ponytail. The green in the painting is very vibrant and is darkened more in certain parts, making us focus more on those parts. There is also a bit of blue and black.
There is a lot going on in this photo, many figures are doing different things. There are various colors that are very bright and vibrant that express why I chose it to be in the gallery.
A depiction from The Jungle Book. The rustic red background enhances the brown from the bear and the separate tone of brown from the boy.
A view of a city from a body of water. The shades of blue used in this painting are glorious! the texture of the waves along with the shadows of the tree are amazing and enhance the look of the waves.
A woman swimming. The blue in this picture is a slight green and it really gives this picture a sort of depth, also the woman is a green and cream color.
A man and sharks. The man and the sharks are deep shades of blue and the background is a dark red orange along with cream, and browns.
Credits: All media
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