Line and Symmetry - Architecture

As my first degree in a previous college, Architecture has always influenced me. I found a fascination in architecture.Even though I didn't like the rules of architecture, I see why they were implemented; for the safety of people.

My fascination with Architecture doesn't revolve around the modern times, although beautiful, I find that the history of Architecture is more fascinating and captivating than today's modernized style.
One of my fascinations in Architecture are castles. It mystifies me at how detailed, aligned, and perfect these buildings were made with less technology and machines.
The olden times, such a great age to live in to witness the history of architecture. Artists that have the eye to recreate architecture in their drawings and paintings are both keen in detail and perspective.
Creating models in arch is always the best way to further the concept process. The use of line and symmetry here just proves the intricacy and complexity that these history hold.
Arches are a great way to show symmetry besides line in Architecture. As a viewer, we are fascinated at how these came into invention. How can such organic shape prove to be design worthy?
Although a piece that is fantasy, the design of this castle/building is just amazing. It doesn't show symmetry as perfectly as others, but it shows form and it greatly represents the title.
Domes or the olden times have never ceased to amaze me. Especially ones that have design in them. The amount of detail that was put here was enough, but to even have them symmetrical is just skill.
This painting, besides the perfect detail, symmetry and line, shows a great example of a one point perspective. It definitely adds to the impact of this painting. It draws your eyes in.
Here is another art work that shows great symmetry and line. The viewer's focus is just being led all over the piece and it never lets go until you reach the other side of the piece.
A sketch that shows a great example of symmetry and line. For me, Architecture is all about the design. No matter how complex or simple, it will always amaze viewers at what an artist can do.
This painting is truly an amazing piece. There is an amazing example of atmospheric perspective in the castle in the back. And in the foreground you can see the detail of the wall.
The closest we can get to a perfect replica of architecture is a photograph. I was also a photographer in the past and I marveled in architecture. This is a great example that shows line and symmetry.
This painting shows great color. Besides the line and one point perspective that is shown here, the addition of people and other designs such as the draperies add to the power of the painting.
This painting is a great example of all of the points that I have mentioned, it has line, symmetry, great colors and great textures. Architecture shows more than the artists skills.
This painting is so vibrant, it just adds so much to the detail of the painting. The presence of line in this image is just magnificent.
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