The color Blue as wisdom

By: Kyle Jules

The man that is shown in this picture appears to have been through a lot telling by his facial expressions.
The blue that is shown with this man resembles a faded personality, to show age. He has this vibe that is given when looking at the person.
Dolphins are seen as intellectual and very complex creatures. With their way of life, comes a long line of wisdom.
The subtlety of blues, and the way everybody is crowded around this man in the center, who appears to be telling them about something.
This statue in it's self tells us of how much this person has been through and carries many lessons learned.
The statue that is shown here is clearly of someone with bliss, and holds knowledge and leadership.
The figure reminds me of the Budda statues, the Budda holds teachings and lessons that must be followed in order to reach peace.
Minerva in herself, is the goddess of wisdom.
The calmness of this women had just reminded me of a sense of ease from things. Thus having troubles resolved.
To me, the old are a wise bunch, each have their own lessons, and stories in which are unique.
There is a humbling an calmness that is put into this image.
There is a sense of peace and wise teachings from some of nature.
Angels are always wise to help guide you in the right path and aid you in making the right direction.
A mother raises her child to be a certain way, in itself, it is through the wise teachings one passes down that will determine the life of the young.
Temples are always seen as a holy place in which a practice, or ritual under goes. This ties in with the wisdom theme.
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