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In my exhibition, I have chosen the theme "fertility" and selected eight examples. In this tour you will be shown different pieces of art representing fertility from different artists. Enjoy!

This photo is a Torso of the fertility goddess Yakshi. This photo fits my theme of fertility very well because it goes into detail of a woman's body and shows breast and private areas which symbolizes fertility.
Venus is the woman standing, her nude body represents fertility. You can tell by her wide child barring hips and also baby Amor standing beside her looking as if he looks up to her as his own mother.
This portrait of Courtsesan is another great portrait which symbolizes fertility greatly by showing her breast. Courtsesan represents love and appeal. Her loose hair symbolizes a bride and chastity.
This portrait is an Allegory of Fertilty. The grapes symbolizes the fertility of nature. As you can see in the photo of all the different people surrounding the woman and acknowledging her nakedness. The golden strokes made from the paint brush highlights the woman which is the main character and creates a glow on her skin.
Bourdichon has this image of Bathsheba bathing nude. Her broad hips and breast greatly represents fertility and also symbolizes the beauty of a woman even when she's washing up in her bath.
Ceres, is the goddess of fertility. As you can tell in the image that she is loving and very protective of her family. Her completely nude body and the showing of her back and bottom represents fertility.
Freud's theme of the naked girl sleeping is a very catchy photo. As you can see the girl is sleeping which is a very symmetrical image. Her body is laid out as if it is on the menu and the dish of the eggs sliced in half to me symbolized fertility as well as the girls full nude body.
This photo of Venus which is the goddess of love represents fertility. The goddess is positioning herself away from the tree trunk showing off her breasts and Hips.
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