That's All Folk - (LeWayne Scott)

The word folk has played an important role in human culture.  In 1846 English antiquarian William Thoms coined the name folklore which represented the cultural history and traditions of the common man. Over the years the name folklore has evolved into other names like folk music, folk dance and even folk art.  Each variation of the name gives a description, documentation and a voice to a culture.  This gallery will present images of folk communities and musicians in paintings, wood carvings and photos.

The wooden medium captures the essences of a group of common folk. Embracing their differences and sharing their cultures. The texture of the art looks like stone and the 3D form adds life to the art.
The artist of this folk dance painting is sharing his account of a moment in time. The 12 people are dancing while musicians are performing. The work uses square shapes to create the complete image.
This image is of a long forgotten town in a poor rural area. The artist is attempting to tell a story about the living conditions. Emphasis is put on the door and walls with black to create dread.
A group of folk music performers. These men formed the Mugham trio in 1906. They shared their folk histories wherever they entertained. This photo places emphasis on the instruments that are used.
Nothing tells a folk story like this image of a funeral gathering. It was common practice to view, remember and celebrate the dead in their own home. Lines are used to capture the age of the deceased.
Harvest tells the story of a village and the hard work needed to sustain it. The artist uses repetition in making the trees to symbolize the life of the village. The texture of the grass looks real.
This painting is created from legend and stories pasted down to the artist. Growing up in a agricultural family the artist paints images of that life. The colors of the art add a damp feel to the barn
Two Indian men singing folk songs about their heritage. This image captures the movements of the men while they share there stories. You can also see one of the men playing a percussion instrument.
The Tower of Babel is considered a myth by some, but the story has been passed down through history. This art uses emphasis to share the story, by leaving the tower walls incomplete and in disarray.
The image of what appears to be the Beatles and major contributors of the folk music / rock era. The artist uses the proportion technique to give the illusion of mens positions in the painting.
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