Her Body is a temple - Brittany bowyer

This visual art gallery showcases art pieces that express the beauty of a woman's body. In the form of sculptures and paintings, these pieces show the female body in its natural state using color or simply marble to depict different emotions and stories one woman can show with her body. She is beautiful and she shows it.

The Greek Slave, Hiram S. Powers, 1869, From the collection of: Brooklyn Museum
The Greek Slave depicts woman shackled to what appears to be a pillar. With her hands shackled to the pole, she can't cover her naked body. Instead, only allowing her to cover her middle section.
Female Nude from the Back, Max Slevogt, 1905, From the collection of: Kunstpalast
In the painting, Female Nude from the Back, it depicts a woman's body viewed from the back. In this particular painting, she looks as though she is in the motion of walking away with the swaying of her hips. The artist uses the formal element of color to make it as though the woman is moving in the painting. The use of shadows, for instance where her backside meets her thigh, there's a shadow present and that also helps with the idea of motion. This piece is a great addition to this gallery because with the idea of swaying her hips, she's confident and she's teasing because she's comfortable in who she is.
Female nude, Josep Biosca Biosca, From the collection of: Museu d'Art Jaume Morera
The Female Nude showcases the female nudity perfectly. The artist puts emphasis and focus onto her breasts and thighs, your eyes drawing to them as you first glance at the sculpture. 3-D effects are almost present in this sculpture in the way the artist places the body parts. Such as how her lower body, her back, bottom and as well as her right arm are blended into the marble as if she is laying upon the floor. The rest of her body is in the air, like she is lifted up, posing with her foot up and her hand in her hair. That draws even more emphasis into that piece of the sculpture.
Femme nue lisant (Nude Woman Reading), Robert Delaunay, 1920, From the collection of: Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao
Femme nue lisant (Nude Woman Reading) is a gorgeous painting depicting a woman reading in her natural state, bare. The artist creates the image in the most unique and beautiful way using different shapes to make her. The use of bright colors makes her pop out against the more calming colors that make up the room around her. The most unique part of this piece is how the artist shows her body in the use of color. From the way she's presented, it makes you feel light and happy to just see her sitting and reading. It is the most simple task yet with the use of the bright, vibrant color it makes the viewer happy to see such an image.
Nude woman reading, Robert Delaunay, (1915), From the collection of: National Gallery of Victoria
This piece is another version of the previous piece, Nude Woman Reading. It depicts a woman reading at her makeup table in her natural state, naked. You can't see her face but you do see her beautiful locks of blondish brown hair. In this version, the picture is easier to comprehend because the colors are more toned down and her body is more defined, her curves shown and the room around her more prominent. Again, the artist captures her simple beauty as she reads without the knowledge of knowing how beautiful she looks as she sits and reads. Although you can't see her face, the view of her body from the back as she reads, is still as beautiful.
Eve Disconsolate, Hiram Powers (American, b.1805, d.1873), Designed 1858-1860, From the collection of: Cincinnati Art Museum
Eve Disconsolate was made by Hiram Powers. Powers sculpted this piece as a representation of how Eve from the Bible felt after she gave into temptation by the serpent to eat the Forbidden fruit. This sculpture features an important emotion of how some women feel when they are nude. They don't always feel empowered in their own skin, but rather try to cover themselves and want to hide away because they are ashamed. This fits in this art gallery of "Her Body is a Temple" just as much as those that showcase a woman on full display because it shows that not every woman is as open with her body as some make it seems.
Sea and Sunshine, MIGISHI Kotaro, 1934, From the collection of: Fukuoka Art Museum
Sea and Sunshine simply shows a woman laying on the beach surrounded by seashells. Her face and her feet are covered by cloth. It is a simple representation of the beauty of a woman's body, simply as she lays in the sun. The way the artist surrounds her body with the seashell makes her stand out even more against the sand and your eyes just draw to her. Her skin brightened against the pinkish sand also is a great aspect of how the artist brings emphasis to how beautiful her body looks in its simplicity.
"The three graces", Antonio Canova (1757.11.01- 1822.10.13), From the collection of: Azerbaijan National Art Museum
"The Three Graces" represent the 3 daughters of Zeus, Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia. These 3 girls present the meaning of beauty, fertility and growth, along with features that draw men in. This sculpture in particular creates a sense of unity within women. These 3 girls usually danced together, which attracted the attention of the men around them and as they pose together only one being covered by a sheet of fabric it gives them the upper hand. They have that ability to tease and put on a show using their bodies as a weapon of good or evil. The sculptures use of repetition also helps give that sense of movement and helps create the picture of dancing in the viewers' minds. Reference: Marble Statue Group of the Three Graces. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Retrieved from http://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/256403
Dance to the Sun, Diego Rivera, 1942, From the collection of: Museo Dolores Olmedo
Dance to the Sun features a feminine body dancing in the sun. She looks careless and free even though there's no face in the painting, the way the artist depicts the body, presents the emotion in that way. The use of color is very helpful in picking up on the emotion as well, choosing split complementary as the color scheme. The way the artist simply paints the woman's body as the main focus in such a careless presence is the most beautiful element.
Seated Female Nude, Auguste Rodin, before 1887, From the collection of: Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University
Seated Female Nude's texture tells all for this art gallery. The texture of the metal, bronze, this sculpture is made from presents symbolism of the female body. As she poses, her body on full display, it provides the viewer with the concept of confidence within herself. She knows the power within herself and she knows her sex appeal as well. The bronze metal used to make this sculpture gives it the look and texture of gloss and shine. The artist could have used that to make an analogy to women's bodies as a whole. It is smooth and shiny as it invites you in.
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