Femal Artists

This album shows various female artist throughout history. It displays how women, although may have seemed inferior to men throughout the years are actually on equal playing grounds. 

This painting shows how Jael slayed Sisera. It shows the strength that this women had. She became a heroine for defeating a male.
Georgia O'Keeffe lived close to black hills. She has another painting "Black Place" which is reflecting the black hills she often visited. I chose this piece, however because of the light grey and pink she used, which gives it a bit of feminism touch
This piece of art shows a female artist's self portrait while painting another. Another important factor of this piece is her face. She does not have a straight face which most people did, which makes this a stand out piece.
This painting is quite simple but extremely beautiful. She has taken something, a skull, and turned it into something beautiful and light for the eyes to enjoy.
I chose this image because it shows the horrors women have to go through. It shows so much detail and is actually a frightening piece to look at.
This photo is an extremely popular. Its familiarity made this one to go one my list. It shows how strong but beating down the woman is, which is something we can all relate to at some point or another.
I chose this image for two reasons. One being that they are running and I am a runner so theres a connection. and also because the female is in front. I'm guess thing this was painted around olympic season so it is relatively new.
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