Art 110 art gallery 2 principles of design

By Michael Flores

This picture shows balance because all of the colors are similar in saturation and there is no clear emphasis on where to look. It is about enjoying the moment and taking it all in.
In this painting the emphasis is clearly on the screaming man's face and everything else accents him.
This picture shows emphasis on the little res splotch in the midst of a sea of yellow and grey.
This painting has emphasis on the green grove of trees and grass amidst the grey cliffs and fog.
This painting shows movement because your eyes follow the small river of people down the path and to the right.
This artist uses long skinny brushstrokes as a pattern in his paintings.
Using repetition this artist creates the illusion of a man with dots.
This artist uses the pattern on jagged edges and sharpness to create a "mountain range."
These soldiers are all proportional and fit very well in the painting.
This painting uses several elements of design to create rhythm.
This picture shows movement in a line to the right as you follow the line of soldiers.
This picture has something to do with pattern and rhythm.
Credits: All media
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