U.s Presidents with confidential Secrets By Anthony Evans

In this custom gallery we take a peak into Americas closet. Much information would be very surprising.

Here we have president John Tyler,he served as the 10th Presidents of the United States. He served right after President William Harrison.He happen to be one of the first chief executives.
Next up we have John Adams,It has been said that he was Americas most intelligent president.He spoke and wrote 7 different languages. He had a intense desire to expose the secretive masonic lodge.
Ford was a top level mason.Though you have no idea what Free Masonry is.He was apart of the idea to let the criminal elite aristocracy to run the affairs of the world and have you deal with taxes.
Sworn in as the 41st president,shocking but truthful to say he was a known pedophile who ran a Congressional Blackmail child sex ring during the 1980's known as "Operation Brown Stone." Patriotic ?...
Coming in as the 43rd President,President Bush was loved by few and hated by millions.In my opinion he was a horrible president.He was apart of the Skull and Bones committee which was ran since 1832.
As the 33rd President,Truman also had a lot behind the scene. He was a protege of the Pendergast crime machine Kansas City. He was also initiated into the Belton Lodge No.450. Also apart of (CFR)...
Serving as the 21st president,maintained a unknown mason status.Although there isn't much information released to internet sources.There is a book named "Illuminated Bloodlines" By F. Springmeir
As the 26th president,Roosevelt was known as one of the greatest presidents.However,he was still apart of the "MatineCock Lodge" No.806. I believe he was influenced by the wrong people of such power.
As the 39th president,President Carter was linked with the Free Masons,Knights of Malta and Skull and Bones.This knowledge has been held since the 17th century.Carter also held a high position.
Last but not least we have Ronald Reagan,40th president,Mr Reagan was involved in schemes in america since he was elected.One of the major plans he was involved in was to bring narcotics into the US.
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