This gallery called SHÙMÙ by Daniela Celma represents through textures the beauty of nature. SHÙMÙ is a chinese word for trees. Nature is authentic art that we can found in thousands of places around the world and with some help, people can create amazing pieces of art work.

This art piece capture the nature through the texture of trees, bushes and grass. Texture gives the final touch to make it look like a forest.
the technique used in this piece makes it look like snow. It shows a forest after a blizzard
In This piece the texture is aplied in the water to make it look clear and real.The rocks have some details related to the water that makes them look wet
In this landscape the water have a big impact because is the first thing that you notice when you first look to the artwork
this ornament has a beautiful representacion of what nature is. It is very simpre but the colors and the way that it is placed make it look colorful and unique.
This landscape is one of the most commons pieces that represents texture by the technique they used to create it
In this artwork we can observe little details that texture the image, like the bushes and the little tire marks on the floor.
In this art piece, the details in the trees' leaves makes the enviroment more realistic and detailed.
the technique used is this paint makes the art to be more realistic because it add more texture and feeling to what the author is expressing.
The texture in this painting is in the water, waves and the sand. The different tones of blue, black and white that we can observe in it creates a diferent perception of the art work.
Credits: All media
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