I chose this painting because it shows how high the mountains are because of the clouds and you can tell that they are high in the sky.
I chose this one because I like the color and it shows kind of a wintery theme.
I liked this piece because it has a foreground, middle ground, and background. I also like the moon (or sun) and the color it is.
I liked how this piece showed sort of a valley and that is vertical.
I like the fact that this one is also vertical and that it shows the high mountains and the low valley and little house at the bottom.
This one is one of my favorites because it has lots of fog and it has a calming vibe to it.
I liked that this one had no color because it really captures the nature and scenery. I also like that it had a little house.
This one reminded me of a backyard garden type painting. It shows the Chinese houses and gives it a home feel.
I like how this one is simple and that it is in Winter, it makes it look pretty, and calming.
I like how this one doesn't really have a main theme but it is pretty in it's own way. There are mainly trees, but they have detail.
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