Colors that transfer into the shadow 

Colors are a huge rule in a piece of art work. Colors can really change / make the mood of a painting or photographs. For example dark colors can make a piece to something dark and creepy. Here are some amazing art work that show this. 

In this photo by Stephen, the blood red color is what making this photo have the dark feel to it. Makes it look like the model is dancing on blood ?
Stephen also used those Dark (Blood) red color to bring that dark feel to the picture. Just the darker colors in the photo makes it un-normal look to it.
This Photo is is dark/creepy because it looks like it looks like the women / other people eating the man in the middle. How colors make it more dark is the lighting is very strong.
The lack of color makes the image more dark, Also not able to see the tall monster looking thing makes the image starnge.
The image of death its self is just dark enough, but again lack of color.
The death figure behind the man makes this photo dark. also the dark colors,
The color for this one makes the painting look very old and mysterious and dark.
The colors in this one is making the angle in the painting look dark and not safe, Just the strong lighting makes it dark. Strong shadows too.
In this photo Joan made the holy figure look very sad, dark and depressing. Also he used strong dark color / lighting.
The lack of color is making the photo more dark, Also making the women very pale white, makes it better to see the black monster coming out of her mouth.
The white chalk hand marks makes this photo very dark and mysterious. Also the lack of colors and brining the white to your attention and brings the marks to pop.
The skull / dead person in the wedding dress is so strange and creepy. But again the lack of color makes it dark and staring.
The mask on the people and the dead person is what making this photo uneasy to look at. Im get the chills looking at this one. The lack of colors is what makes it dark.
Not seeing the face of this figure makes the image very dark and mysterious. Also the lack of color gives it the scary feel..
So in this painting by Reni, He uses strong pale white on the male figure. By doing this it gives him a death sickly look to him. then he has the dark black color in the back to make the man standout.
Credits: All media
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