Impressionism is a style of painting with bright colors and are normally of the outside world. In this short gallery I have two famous artist Claude Monet, whom was one of the first impressionist, and Vincent Van Gogh, most have a sense or have heard his name once before.

The way the colors blend to give this work of art a lush spring feel to it with the vibrant blue green and small amount of purple .
First looking at this work it looks like clouds with green dots, well it is actually a reflection of the clouds in the water with Lilies. Here again extreme color usage can be seen with the bright blue white and little green .
The detail in this painting is astounding even though it seems like a faded picture, it almost looks like some of it was drawn with charcoal in the dark areas. What little sky that can be seen it would be hard to tell if it was a "Grey Weather" day or a rainy day.
In this work of art the common people can be seen hard at work harvesting. The color , but yet detail in being able to see exactly what each and every person is doing. The bright colors in this picture give a warm feeling of summer.
In this art work it is night time yet it is still bright with color the moon, stars, and even some parts of the sky it's self. In many of his paintings have the colors yellow, blue, and green. This painting gives a sense of peacefulness .
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