russian revolution


In the riots the family of the Tsar was being eliminated.
japanese sea at the Russo-Japanease war In march and may, shameful defeats for the Russian army and navy.
the sea after one of the battles during the Russo-Japanease war
There were various riots and strikes by the people to the Tsar. All the classes were demanding changes like freedom of speech.
In the countryside in June and July, land was seized and landowners' houses were looted and burned by peasant riots.
In september a peace treaty was sign between the Russians and the Japanese.
Thousands of troops were now free. The government paid them and promised better conditions so that they would remain loyal to the Tsar.
Because of the numerous riots the Tsar had to make a manifesto to contain his people in control, this was the October Manifesto.
October Manifesto: A parliament of Duma elected by the people. Civil rights. Uncensored newspapers and the right to form political parties.
By December, with all the troops back, the Tsar felt strong enough to take back control.
Russian Tsar and Tsarina 1905
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