Goghing, Goghing, Gone

Landon Davis. A gallery examining the contrast of color within the works of the great Vincent van Gogh.

One of Vincent's most infamous paintings, The Starry Night uses great contrast in color, varying between the dark blues of the night sky to the bright yellows and whites of the stars.
Self-portraits were a common thing for Vincent. They often used hues of blue to contrast with his bright orange beard.
This beautiful has two sets of contrast, that of the reds and greens in the poppy field, and that of the blues and yellows in the sky.
A gorgeous contrast here in the nice golden colors of the corn field and the deep blue of the sky.
Vincent always finds a way to introduce contrasting colors into his works. I honestly think sometimes these weren't the colors that people were wearing, he just wanted contrast. This piece has a nice contrast between red and green.
This piece has nice muted colors, and instills a vey calming mood for me, but there are still those colors of contrast: reds with greens, blues with oranges and yellows.
Another very popular work, this has both contrast in color and light. The dark shadows on the nearside of the church contrast well with the brightly lit grass. But the colors of the deep blue sky contrast well with the yellow pathways, as does the green grass and the red roof of the church.
Lesser known than the piece it precedes, Starry Night still offers beautiful contrasts in color. Very deep blues and bright yellows give us a wonderful glimpse at a truly starry night.
This piece, painted in the last year of Vincent's life shows an even more simplistic form of art. But one thing that has stayed the same is the contrast in color. The greens of the grass contrast well with the reds of the roof.
This piece is darker thank a lot of Vincent's previous works, not only in color, but in content, with the crab being presumably dead on its back. The contrast of the reds from the crab with the greens of the background are something familiar with Vincent's work though.
This piece seems more cartoonish than some of Vincent's work, but it still has his signature contrasts, some greens and reds, and little bit of blue with yellows.
This piece a similar look and feel to The Garden of Saint Paul's Hospital. This piece has contrast between the blue of the roots and the yellow of the dirt, with some reds and greens contrasting as well.
Not as much color is in this piece, but one thing interesting about it is the use of the color black, which Vincent very rarely used. The black and whites contrast intensely in this piece.
Back to more vivid colors, we have a nice contrast with the blues of the irises and the orange and yellow tents of the vase and wall behind it.
This piece is very high in saturation, something common in Vincent's art, as is his contrast in color, which we see here with red-ish orange of the dirt, the greens of the grass, and blues of the sky.
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