Bravery Among Men - By Andres Sierra

This gallery have representations of the heroes from the old mythology. Sons of gods and mortals, who bravely fought against creatures and enemies in the search for glory, or to defend their loved one. In the gallery you can find representations of heroes such as Perseus and Heracles, fighting against famous monster from the myths as Medusa and minotaurs.

Perseus is considered the "first hero" of in greek mythology. "The Perseus" is a woodcut printed work, which shows The hero Perseus standing over Medusa's corpse victorious faster beheading the creature head. The print is a representation of the Chiaroscuro due to the use of one ink, in which the areas with more ink concentrated (the darker areas) represent the shadows and line outs.
The " Perseus Slaying Medusa" is a marble sculpture statue, representing the fight of the greek hero, Perseus, against the Gorgon Medusa. You can see how the movement and expression carved into the marble represent the suffering of Medusa before Perseus slays her. Medusa screaming while Perseus pulls her hair with one hand, while he raises his sword in the other, narrates that the end to the known myth is reaching its climax in which Perseus cuts the Gorgon head.
This is another representation for the "Perseus Slaying Medusa", in difference to the one before this, this statue is made our of bronze. The position of Perseus and Medusa is different, and the gear both are wearing more adept to a warrior. Perseus is wearing an soldier armor with a shield, which he could have being used to defend against Medusa's stone sight. Medusa is laying on the floor representing defeat against Perseus who is raising his sword to deal the final blow.
The "Perseus and Andromeda", is an oil on canvas representation of the fight of Perseus against Cetus, who was sent to destroy Ethiopia. We see Andromeda in the lower center of the picture, in which she was being offered as tribute so Cetus wouldn't destroy Ethiopia. On the Upper center Perseus if flying into battle with his bow, with which he has already landed an arrow into Cetus, to save Andromeda.
The "Perseus" by Benvenuto Cellini, is a silver print photograph that shows a statue representing the victory of Perseus. In the top is Perseus holding up in pride the head of the Gorgon he just defeated. He is standing on the headless corpse of the creature over a pillar that represents the room with people transformed into stone.
The "Orpheus" is a sculpture of greek mythology musician, Orpheus, who had the power to charm everything with his music, plant, animals and even rocks. He is the son of Apollo and a Nymph, not as other heroes of the greek mythology, who where recognized by their strength and great battles. Orpheus is recognized for his bravery to venture into the underworld to rescue his love spirit. In this sculpture we can see Orpheus holding his lyre while venturing into the underworld.
The "Colossal Statue of Hercules" is a roman representation of the greek myth of Hercules. In this sculpture we see Hercules, Heracles in Greek culture, holding on the the neck from the hydra he defeated. At the bottom of the of the sculpture we can see some severed necks and heads of the hydra that Hercules have manage to slay, on hercules right hand he is holding a torch that he used to cauterize the hydras neck so the heads would stop regenerating.
"Theseus and the Minotaur" is a representation of Theseus, known as the king of Athens and considered as one of the former heroes of Greek mythology, with Perseus and Heracles. The statue is a representation of Theseus preparing to slay the minotaur to put an end to the demands of king Minos to sacrifice people to the minotaur. in the statue it seems that Theseus have total control over the fighting and that he is going to defeat the defeat the minotaur with ease.
The " Hercules and Nessus" is a bronze statue representing the fight between Hercules, son of Zeus and grandson of Perseus, and Nessus son of Centauros, which lead to the death of Hercules due to trickery. In the statue Hercules is holding Nessus by the neck while keeping him down to hit him with his mace.
This is the "Hercules and Nemean Lion", a ceramic statue representing the fight against Hercules and the Nemean Lion that couldn't be killed with mortal weapons. The statue shows that Hercules was able to defeat the lion with his own barehands. The myth says that Hercules strangle the lion to its dead, in the statue it seems like Hercules is trying to hold the lion dead to defeat it.
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