7th Grade Art Project Andrew Straut

Andrew Straut                                                                                                                                    7-CDThe artist that I chose is Joseph Highmore.  Joseph was born on June 13th, 1692.  He died on March  3rd, 1780. He was a very early artist starting as a young boy. He was born in London, where he started creating art at a very young age.  He showed great talent, but his family did not support him at all.  After he finished his job, he became a painter when he was 17 years old.  He went on tour to the Netherlands from 1732-1734, where he showed great talent.  Joseph attended Sir Godfrey Kneller’s academy in London in 1713.  He was a big of Sir Godfrey Kneller.  Joseph had used his paintings, along with other artists, as role models for his art work.  Joseph had a unique style of painting. Joseph married Susanna Née Hiller.  They had one daughter.  Her name was Susanna, just like her mother.  The reason that I chose Joseph is because of his unique style of painting.  He drew many portraits of people and they were very good.  His paintings included many unknown people.  These paintings are the ones that I personally like the most out of all.  Overall, Joseph Highmore is an exceptional artist with very good art work.  It was very interesting researching about him and his life.  I think that it is amazing how far art goes back.    

Credits: All media
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