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The cool, darker tones in this painting are soothing and could reflect the quiet sea in the early morning. The use of similar tones makes the image serene and has an element of mystery to it.
The bright, happy tones on the right side of the painting are contrasted by the dark sea approaching from the left. The dark green and grey sea to the left creates an uneasy and ominous feeling.
Dark, cool tones in this painting are used to convey the intense conflict depicted. The light, brighter sky behind the smoke signals some hope, but the overwhelming darkness conveys the message of war.
The bright, happy colors are whimsical and go well with the image of Pegasus and the woman. The varied colors at the bottom melt into the softer, pastel colors in the heavenly-looking sky.
This piece stuck out to me because if the tone had been warmer, the piece would've seemed happier to me. In combination with the sad faces, the cool tone over the whole piece gives the impression that there is conflict.
The dark colors used in this painting don't reflect sadness, but are used to provide the contrast to the bright rainbow highlighted to the right.
The warm colors used in this painting reflect the serenity of the sunset. To me, the warm tones in the sunset convey happiness and contentment.
The shades of pink in the sky are reflected in the snow, and it makes the winter feel whimsical and joyous. The people in the photo are wearing royal blue, red, and yellow, which signify richness, and is reflected by the city as well.
This city scape comes alive with the electric colors contrasting against the dark sky. The neon colors are used to demonstrate how fast-paced and lively the city is.
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