Millennia Bidwell


This shows the element color because the flowers and leaves show different colors like red, green, yellow, and orange.
This shows the principle pattern because the patterns inside and outside of the Goblet are repeating.
This shows the principle movement. Diana looks like she's walking, but she's frozen in time to catch that moment.
This shows the principle symmetrical balance. If you would have cut it in half. It would look as if it's the same on both sides.
This shows the element texture. It looks like if you would have touched it, it would feel bumpy and rough.
This shows the Principle Emphasis. The man in the middle catches your attention first so the man is the dominant part.
This shows the element space. The head is the positive space and everything else besides the head is negative space.
This shows the principle rhythm because it looks like as if the clouds in the background are moving.
This shows the principle proportion. You can see the body proportion in the body and face.
This shows the principle variety. You can see that there are more than one.
This shows the element value. You can see the dark and light colors used in making this.
This shows the principle harmony. They used only two colors so that they would go together.
This shows the element line. You can see the many different lines on the outside of the vase.
This shows the element form. You can see that it's freeform three dimensional shape.
This shows the element shape. You can see many two-dimensional free-form shapes on the outside of the object.
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