Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo is an interesting and inspiring person to me so this is why I am making a gallery on his paintings and art work. The art work is in chronological order from date of which they were created. I was almost limited by the amount of artwork only given by Leonardo(15) in this Google art project.

This is one of the earliest paintings Leonardo had created. He painted this piece of art when he was twenty years old (born in 1452). The Annunciation is located in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. The painting is 3-D and shows the use of angels along with color. The angel holds a Madonna lily, a symbol of Mary's virginity and the city of Florence. Cite: wikipedia.com - Annunciation
Ginevra was an aristocrat located in Florence. The made from oil on wood and is in the National Gallery of Art - Washington, D.C. This is the only Leonardo da Vinci painting in the Americas publicly. Cite: wikipedia.com
Made with tempera on panel, this painting is one of Leonardo's finest artworks. It has an inscription saying: VIRTVTEM FOR/ MA DECORAT - She adorns her virtue with beauty. On the other side of this painting is the Ginervra de' Benci. This is now held in the National Gallery of Art at Washington, D.C.
This painting is held in the Uffizi Gallery at Florence, Italy. The Virgin Mary and Child are in the foreground with the Magi kneeling in adoration, hence the name. This shows the talented artwork of Leonardo and the detail put into the painting, but also resemble the christian/catholic belief.
This is a drawing of the sculpture: The Mounted Warrior, by Leonardo da Vinci. It is held in the Royal Collection Trust, UK. Since Leonardo was an engineer, he preplanned a project or construction before he created the masterpiece. And in this case, he was planning the Mounted Warrior for ten to fifteen years.
This shows Leonardo da Vinci's passion and interest for the anatomy of humans and animals. His study for anatomy was inspired by wanting to know the features of any thing he wanted to draw. He also loved science so much he became the first anatomist. He studied the horse leg to perfectly know the horse and how the leg on a horse works. This specific drawing is held in the Museum of Fine Arts located at Budapest.
The Plan of Imola, by Leonardo da Vinci, was created as a map of the city of Imola. Located in the Royal Collection Trust, UK. He designed this map from an eagle eye perspective and because of his amazing engineering and architectural skills of finding specific parts of the city and putting them on paper. He designed the map to win his patronage from the Caesar.
Located in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. This picture is made with red chalk and pink paper. Leonardo wanted to get a great expression on the warriors face when he is commencing in battle. This is only a drawing or plan for a painting that Leonardo was going to do, because he only considered his best paintings worthy of effort and to finish.
Located at the Royal Trust Collection, UK; the Head of Leda was made after a turn of the century. Leda said to be the wife of Tyndareus, King of Sparta, was seduced by Jupiter in the form of a swan and bore two eggs, from which hatched Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra, and Castor and Pollux. The real painting was destroyed around 1700, but painted copies of it still remain.
This shows Leonardo's thought of a point of view for a soldier on horse back in a war fighting, probably a higher ranked one at that. Held now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Leonardo's architectural masterpiece is one that is "eye candy" so to speak for the fact that it shows a great deal of emotion, movement, and detail.
Leonardo was the first human and animal anatomist because he was interested in bodily functions and the shape of the body. Leonardo probably got a unclaimed dead body from the nearby morgue and excavated the human shoulder to find out about the shoulder's anatomy and about how it works from the skin, to flesh, to muscle, to bone. His findings on the human anatomy is shown exactly what the findings are today, making Leonardo ahead of his time. This artwork is held in the Royal Collection Trust, UK.
A deluge, meaning a massive flood, was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. In this painting, Leonardo tries to bring out his thought on nature's destruction. This painting is made with black chalk, pen, and ink. This painting is located in the Royal Collection Trust, UK.
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