Renaissance Perspective

Architect - A person who designs buildings. Sculptor - An artist who makes sculptures. Architectural design - The design of buildings or urban landscapes. Classical language - Ancient Greek or Latin.
Urban planning - a process of designing the urban environment. Central perspective - One point perspective. Octagonal - polygon with 8 sides. Spatial - Of or relating to space.
Constructions - The building of something. Urban spatial - the arrangement of urban space. concurrent - happening, done at the same time. Quattrocento - The 15th century.
Composition - A work of Art. Interior - Situated within or inside. Perspective - Giving objects height, width, depth, and position on a 2D surface. Custom - A traditional way of doing something.
Analysis - Examination of the elements or structure of something. Mold - A distinctive and typical style. Spore - A rounded resistant form. Digital Point - A type of camera shot.
Surrealism - A style of art and lit. Oil painting - Painting with oil paints. Incomprehensible - Not able to understand. Themes - The subject of a piece of art.
Elements - A part or aspect of something abstract. Symbolize - Be a symbol of. Seductive Representations - fascinating or magnetic. Still life - Artwork of an arrangement of objects.
Facade - The face of a building. Monograph - A detailed written study. Technique - A skillful or efficient way of doing something. Pictorial - Of or expressed in pictures.
C-Print - A type of print paper. Photography - The art of taking pictures. Pinhole - A very small hole. Panorama - An unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer.
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