Fearful children

This gallery looks at the good and the bad in human nature.  It places specific emphasis on how we start off as innocent and from there become fearful children who will act out and hurt others for their own advantage.  At the root of our problems is pain, anger, fear, and desperation.  Just like the children in Lord of the flies, we act violently towards each other so we do not have to deal with our own feelings and insecurities.  Really we are all lost children.

This image shows a man crippled by fear. Humans are animals at heart and act on instinct. When we feel afraid we often act out in ways we wouldn't normally deem "humane".
This image illustrates the anger, envy, and fear in mankind. People let their emotions and ego get in the way of their perception. This causes unneeded turmoil in the long run
Anger is a blinding emotion we all face. If we are not careful, anger can blind us so much we forget the good in the world and become the bad.
This picture shows the sadness that few species are able to experience so heavily. Although animals, humans have a great capacity for compassion and great depths of understanding.
This picture again shows that man causes unneeded turmoil due to his ego. We can let our anger drive us to revenge and become the equivalent of rabid dogs. Humanity and forgiveness are forgotten.
This picture shows a person who is broken at their core. Mankind can often feel lost and broken in the vastness of the world. We can't make it through alone.
This picture is meant to show that the pain humans can feel is a strength and a weakness. It gives us great understanding and wisdom, but also holds us back from life.
This picture shows how people can get lost in the action of everyday life. We can forget to think and question things and just go with the motions. Life can become meaningless if we aren't careful.
Amongst chaos, pain, and the hatred in the world, mankind is unique for one thing; the ability to love. The man and woman in this picture represent how strong our bonds to each other are.
Before we learn the good and evil of the world, we are innocent. This baby shows how vulnerable each of us is deep down. Happy and content, until things get difficult later on.
With the ability to bond, comes the ability to lose the ones we bond with. This picture shows how painful it is for man to lose what he once loved. Grieving is one of the hardest experiences we know.
For as long as we have been here, we have categorized each other into social classes. We fail to realize we all experience the same emotions and challenges, regardless of social class.
This painting illustrates the real point I am making about human kind. Deep down each of us is a bit like a lost child who is trying to survive and understand the world around them. Still, among it all we live.
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