Excessive pride or self-confidence.

"Babel" is a Hebrew word meaning to jumble. In the story, God confounded the speech of man who all spoke one language so they couldn't understand each other. This tower would have been located in ancient Mesopotamia.
These stone tablets were used in building and adding sculptures to buildings. The bottom has twelve buildings inscribed into it in ancient Sumerian. Gilgamesh used these stones and could have used (or according to legend founded) this technique.
This sword, made near 1000 BCE contains an inscription depicting Gilgamesh and Enkidu slaying Humbaba.
This ancient figure bound with serpents shows how Gilgamesh is locked in to his fate of death. A snake takes away his final chance at immortality on the boat ride back to Uruk.
This is another representation of what Gilgamesh did to make Uruk a strong and powerful city. He will be remembered through its creation. But, he cannot cheat death.
Gilgamesh and Enkidu prove their strength and worth by killing and wearing lions. They think they are better than these majestic creatures when they all will ultimately share the same fate.
This portrait of an Iranian sultan shows that leaders of a great religion seek power for themselves. Riches and wealth is the most important capital.
Women are not allowed to show their hair or bodies because they give off light rays that excite men. This is what extremist Islam would have you believe. In reality, this is another example of power and blatant misogyny.
Another example of the riches that came from the Middle East (Mesopotamian) region of the world.
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