Mood Depicted Through Color and Light

This gallery contains pieces whose use of light and color sets a certain emotion within the viewer and brings life to the characters and the setting within the painting.

The bright colors in this painting make me feel happy. I feel as if right now, these soldiers are relaxing even though they are in the middle of war. They are taking time to socialize and compose themselves. Even through tough times they are finding a way to stay happy and human.
I can tell that this scene is set in Fall because of the orange and red treetops. The use of pastel colors makes the painting look soft. The scene is beautiful and hushed.
The dark colors in this piece give the viewer a sense of melancholy. Death stains the senses.
I almost feel chilly looking at this. The setting looks like it is placed in late fall or early winter. Soft white and blue colors give the illusion of frost covering the ground. The scenery appears frozen in time. I feel that if I were that boy in the picture, all sounds would be muffled.
The crisp, delicious colors in this painting are awe-inspiring. I am immediately drawn to the beam of light shining down along the mountainside. The vibrant colors along with the majesty of the landscape make me want to jump right into the picture and personally experience the grandness.
The people in this painting are suffering. The lighting casts some heavy shadows on the characters closest to the viewer. And even though this is overall a forlorn piece, I almost feel a sense of hope. The vibrant colors (red, blue, and yellow) and the intense light pouring through make me feel that these characters are going to make it through their hard times.
The intensity of the yellow and orange colors makes this scene feel hot and dry. I sympathize for the characters in the painting, toiling in the heat.
The soft yellow and blues portray a peaceful evening. The brighter dots of color on the page appear to be a herd of sheep. The stone henge is veiled in a gentle blue, showing that the sun is set very low behind the hill. The colors make me feel peaceful and sleepy.
There is a massive use of blues and whites, giving the painting a very silvery look. It's perfect for this snowy scene. The light in the middle of the picture hints that there is an opening in the canopy above. The woods in the background are draped in a bluish veil, which gives me the desire to explore it. But there is also a vague fear of what might exist in the woods beyond. A feeling of mystery.
Immediately I feel warm and excited when I gaze at the this painting. There is a very vibrant palette used here. My eyes are feverishly drawn from flower to flower and then the shifty colors avert my gaze down the vase and then around the room in a very quick manner.
A storm is looming in the background. The rapid strokes of white on the water rushing towards me make me feel restless and the gray sky above gives me an uneasy feeling. I almost want to run into the tiny house in the background to seek shelter from this impending storm.
This painting depicts a very busy scene. The colors almost seem blurred as the characters in the painting bustle about the city with their various agendas.
The painting is overlaid with these dirty, brown colors, which makes the sky appear as if it is polluted with smog. The sun seems dull and faded in the horizon as if it doesn't want to rise.
The dark blue used here is perfect for this graveyard. It gives a feeling a uneasiness and that bitter knowledge that death is always right around the corner.
The only source of light in this picture is the moon. And how gracefully it glistens on the ripples of ocean surface. I really enjoy the midnight blue colors and the shades of gray that give the whole scene a dark and calm design.
Credits: All media
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