By the sea shore 

When going through this exhibition, you will explore and see the shore and the natural world in a whole new way. This exhibition is all about the shore and demonstrates an understanding of each of the frames. These artworks all relate to each other in similar but different ways. They were all produced from different centuries and were created by many different artists, showing how each and every one has different meanings and expressions of each artist. Each artwork relates to the theme 'by the sea shore'. I have chosen this theme because I believe that the shore is very calm and relaxing and can be expressed in so many different ways. The shore is a very popular landscape that has been presented through many different artworks in many different ways from people all over the world. I feel that the shore brings many emotions, imagination and feelings which is why I thought that the shore was a great theme to choose. I believe that it brings back many memories and is a calm and relaxing, beautiful place that brings joy to everyone. Each and every artwork expresses these different factors in all sorts of ways that will open your eyes to see how wonderful and beautiful the natural world really is. This exhibition is to inspire the audience and show emotion and affection towards the natural world and see how delicate it is and should be cared for. Hopefully these artworks bring joy and relaxation to viewers and change the way they feel about the natural world. Enjoy the exhibition!

This artwork evidences the structural frame Colour:The colours are cool and vibrant and make you feel relaxed and calm Pattern:colours and lines have been repeated line:thick marks left by a brush
This artwork evidences the postmodern frame. appropriation: historical artwork of what it was like before 1811 installation: created especially for the Dulwich picture gallery naive: very simple, straight to the point
This artwork evidences the subjective frame. Feeling: the artist feels how delicate and beautiful the flowers on the seashore are. Expressive:obvious brush strokes have shown emotional effect.
This artwork evidences the cultural frame Place:Po River from Corso Moncalieri Society:a group of people living by the shore of the Po River. Class:high class, medieval village and castle by the shore.
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