Emphasis/focal point

By being in the center, the merchant is the focal point in this picture. Bright red clothing draws the audience's attention to the center as well.
All gazes or directional lines are towards the madonna and child in the center. She is sitting in the center of the frame to provide a focal point.
Although the lady is closer in the picture, attention is initially directed towards the background because the picture of the man is larger and more emphasized representing a hierarchical scale
The focal point is the vase, emphasis is put towards the contrasting light on dark design on the vase and the rising light.
With a similar pattern on top and bottom, focus is placed on the center of the picture where the pattern breaks. The lion's colors differ from the background as an emphasis
The center of the picture with the lady sitting in a red throne is the focal point. Directional line from the right draws attention towards the center.
Focal point is the lion attack in the center, the lion is surrounded by similar patterns of leaves but breaks that pattern in the center. Attention is also drawn towards the red sunset
Focal point is the red rooster. The red colored rooster is lighter and stands out from the dark background. Contour lines are also used to draw attention from the volcano to the top.
The tower of babel is much bigger in scale than any surrounding object creating emphasis on the structure.
The red dress in the center draws attention to the man and women attempting to leave. Directional line from the surrounding characters through their gazes towards the center or exit provides emphasis
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