Im Blue

I chose this picture because of the overall blue tone and the feeling of sadness. All of the pictures in this gallery are Sad Blue Pictures.
I dont think it gets any Bluer than this. And the deafing sadness of his empty eyes convey an hollowness in his soul.
Again Blue in color and she looks almost discusted, which is sad.
She is wearing a blue dress and she seems to be looking at us through a fog of mystery. Seeking someone she has lost.
Blue garments and this has to be one of the most depressing jobs in the world.
Blue dress, this girl has crawled into this massive dress and she seems to be unhappy about having to pose for SOOOO long while this painting is being completed.
Another sad girl wearing blue.
Ms McDonald here is wearing a blue dress and she seems to have an estranged relationship with her husband.
More Blue Clothes and sad ladies.
I thought this sad lady was the same one wearing blue in the last picture. But they are different artist 21 years apart. So either its a conicidence, or this woman had some great anti-aging cream.
Sad woman in Blue
Our first blue hat! (Unless the crown counts) This man reminds me of Scrooge. And he does not look pleased.
This woman in blue is sad because she is painted so poorly. Without a face, anyone would be sad.
This man, wearing blue, seems like he may typically be a jolly man. (Probably the carney hat) But here he seems to be facing a signifigant challenge.
This blue man is the only painting here ive seen in person. (I lived in Korea from 2004-2006 and 2011 - 2013. He does not seem pleased to be behind the canvas instead of behind the brush.
A sad woman surrounded by lots of blue china.
This is a sad blue woman.
My favorite piece in this collection. They are actually broken bodies of blue china. Which is sad.
This guy actually called me and weaped for 20 min before he spent 2 hours telling me about how depressing his life is. So much sadness and dispair. He also said he was wearing a blue hat when he called. so this guy is just 100% BLUE!
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