1. People in this picture look like they dont have a way of cleaning they clothes often. 2. The expression in their faces are of sadness. 3. On the background, the environment is not the best.
1. Environment 2. How dirty it looks 3. All the shelters look like they were made out of materials that the people that made it could find. ( stuff that other people did not use, etc. )
1. The structure of their bed. 2. How they sleep together in a ' open ' place. 3. The clothes that they are using.
1. The garbage on the floor. 2. The clothes drying in front of the house, hold by a string. 3. How old the house looks, and how sad it looks.
1. How old these buildings look. 2. How they dry their clothes. 3. How different it looks from a modern place to live.
1. Many people living in a small place. 2. Look really old and dirty. 3. This house doesn't have all the technology and new stuff as a basic house has.
1. What they are eating. 2. How they are dressed. 3. How they are ' cooking ', and how the baby doesn't have any clothes on.
1. Living on top of what it looks like to be a boat. 2. Their clothes. 3. The little they have, their expression of asking of help.
1. How all the houses look really different from a good house and basic house. 2. How people are dressed. 3. How dirty the environment looks.
1. How she is washing the clothes. 2. How the place she is cleaning looks. 3. The way she is saving the water with a bucket ( maybe to wash the rest later, etc.
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