China's Culture

By Jada Lovato

This shows china's culture by how the dragon symbolizes power. I chose this because China has lots of power.
This picture shows the time when the Chinese and Japanese were in War. I chose this because even though the world around them is falling apart, they are still smiling.
This picture also, is from the Chinese-Japanese War. I chose this picture because this pictures shows that family will always smile and be with you, throughout it all.
This picture is of Calligraphy,which is the art of writing beautifully. This shows their language and art in one.
This picture shows family and care. I chose this because I thought it was sweet and that the man is holding her carefully and majestically.
This picture shows how one used to get places. It was like a taxi without the engine. Instead the engine was a man's legs.
This picture shows the creativeness in the Chinese art. I chose this because I thought it was very interesting on how they made protruding eyes, as if they were trying to tell a story through art.
This is a drawing of a traveling family. I chose this because it shows how family must stick together to get where they want to go.
This image is of a refugee being caught on the Hong Kong border. I saw this photo and I felt hurt and sadness. This shows the suffering of a man who wants to escape.
This image shows the art of Chinese lettering. I thought this was so beautiful and I thought that it was very fascinating.
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