Art of the renaissance

By: Jaden Strommer

1. This piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci stood out to me because of all the action going on within the sculpture. 2. I know this is a Renaissance piece of art because 1. This figure is lifelike and 3 dimensional 2. This warrior is clothed
1. This picture by Michelangelo Buonarroti stood out to me because of how this picture brought so much knowledge about human anatomy. 2. This is a Renaissance picture because 1. This person was nude 2. This figure was lifelike, 3-dimensional, reflecting an increasing knowledge of anatomy
1. This work of art by Donatello stood out to me because I really like the way this was done, with all the people gathered around their hero. 2. I know this is Renaissance art because 1. These figures were clothed 2. Full backgrounds showed perspective
1. This picture by Marcantonio Raimondi stood out because of what this picture shows and the details of these people who had the plague. 2. This is a Renaissance peainting because 1. figures were clothed 2. Background showed perspective
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