Korean art of the joseon dynasty, by beth scuotto

Korean art during the Joseon Dynasty,  The Joseon dynasty (1392–1910) was founded by the powerful Goryeo (918–1392) military commander Yi  Seong-gye,

 Here you will find a collection of works from this period in history. The pieces shown are of a mixed media to allow the viewer to experience various aspects of culture during this time in history.

This piece is part of a 9 piece landscape set of paintings, the focal point of this piece is the image of the old man and the child in the center. This appears to be painted on a burlap material.
Although well worn we can see that this is an official of the royal court during this era, The officials wore red clothing befitting his station. His hat is rounded not pointed which indicates his station.
Here we see a senior man wearing light green and a rounded court style hat, which is typical of this era. This painting is simple and contains a simple yet detailed full body portrait of this senior member of court.
This painting represents a young woman of the Joseon era,She is seen wearing a hanbok which is the traditional female clothing in Korea at this time. Her hair is braided in the typical fashion for this era,
We see here an scroll style painting done in ink on paper. This landscape painting uses lines and simple colors to enhance the style of the painting. There are red squares in the corner that appear as some type of seal.
This wonderful piece is another example of a scroll style painting. The muted colors do not over shadow the detail of this piece. The bold strong colors are focused on the elderly man in the center of the painting
This piece is what appears to be a poem of some kind. Done on a bold red in black calligraphy style art work. it appears as though the paper was drawn on prior to the lettering done.
this piece is a bit different then the other paintings as it is done with bolder colors and the over all look of the tiger is soft and gentle. Attention is spent on all the details of the fur and markings making this piece appear alive.
Here we have a small dining table that is intricately carved. Perhaps of a more wealthy family. In korean homes this low table was the normal way to eat as the people eating are seated on the floor on a coushion.
this is a beautiful example of hair adornment wore by women of nobility or even royalty. the piece is studded with precious stones ans has fine flowers throughout the base as well as little flowers that appear to dance in the air.
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