Edouard Manet

Manet was a french painter who painted modern life subjects. He was one of the first popular artits to do this. Manet was also born into an upper class, wealthy family in France.

This painting is about 60cm by 97cm. This painting is oil on canvas. While Manet painted this picture he used lively brush strokes. I think that it was more abstract than it needed to be.
As the name intends this is Manet's self portrait. This painting is 94cm by 64cm with oil on canvas. In my opinion his face looks less distorted than his clothes.
This painting is about 57cm by 64cm. This painting was for some reason painted on wood. In my opinion it looks better on wood.
This painting is 73cm by 51cm and is oil on canvas. The style of this painting is impressionalism. Mery Laurent is a person that Manet has painted multiple times.
Stephane was Manet's best friend and Manet asked for him to pose.this picture was made of oil on canvas. This painting was also 27cm by 36cm.
This painting is oil on canvas. The painting is about 115cm by 150cm. This Painting is simply a double portrait meaning there is 2 people in the art. In my opinion this picture is really well done and took time.
Credits: All media
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