Does it matter?

Ikwan A. 5th period 

Exisitentialism: A boy is lonely with no one to check on him while he's ill because he's quarantined. He is having an existential crisis due to isolation as a child and not having a support system.
Absurdism: Exhausted from war he sets up camp, his team died from gunshot wounds but he holds his rifle tight to brace for the night ahead. This shows his inevitable fate of dying alone in battle.
Nihilism: A farmers dream had been bombed when another country attacked. He worked his entire life as a farmer to have his property in ruins. His destroyed house shows the destruction of nihilism.
Contrast: Despite the sadness of her children the mother feeds and nurtures her children to help them become stronger and united as a family. Regardless of external factors the kids are near their mom
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