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I really enjoy this piece first of all, because it isn't just another painting. I love the fact that it' s a touchable, wearable thing. Also, I love the almost hidden hopes at rebelliousness. The front of the dress is a very boring, grey cordoroy, but when you see the back it's a lively red piece of cotton. In addition to this, the underpanel is not ironed, you can see the creases where it was folded. I love seeing this piece and realizing the hidden attempts to stand out.
The thing that strikes me about this piece of art is that it looks so simple but yet is so detailed. At first glance it looks relatively simple, but when you really take a look at it, it is so much more of a detailed work.
This piece I felt had to be chosen simply because it's one of the greatest. No matter how old a person is, they've undoubtedly seen this amazing piece. And also, this is such a fine example of impressionism, how could it not be featured?
I chose this piece for my gallery because it is so dream-like. I've seen other works by Rousseau in the past, but this one I really liked. It reminds me of a jungle I might have thought about as a child.
This piece holds a special place in my gallery because I love this artist. I love the reality he is able to paint, even through pointillism. I've painted that way before, and it is definitely **** to do.
I liked this piece simply because the woman looks so real. She looks like someone I could see anywhere; she looks real.
I love art that makes me feel something. For whatever reason this piece made me feel the unhappiness of the woman. She's eating breakfast all alone and something tells me that's not what normally happens.
I like this piece just because it's timeless. Even though the women are wearing dresses from around the 16th century, they are doing something I can relate to today, talking to a friend.
This piece was familiar to me. I love seeing Bible stories made into art, and this story is a familiar one from my childhood.
This piece caught my eye because it's so different from anything I'm used to seeing. It's soft and pretty, yet exact. I think my favorite part is the girl's hair.
This piece is relevant to me. I'm getting married, and I sew, I appreciate the work put into this dress.
I liked this piece because it taps into the literary world as well as the art world. I like being able to look up the writer of the poem, and relate the piece to the purpose behind stream of consciousness and romanticism.
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