Gallery of Lines: Balbino Lopez

I chose this because of the landscaping. The lines and shading give it a peaceful feel to it which makes it comforting and a feeling what it would be like to be there in person.
I chose this piece because not only does this picture have a lot of meaning but also the shading and thin lines show what it was like to be in that era.
This picture has a lot of detail, especially with the thin lines but dark shading in some parts give it that mysterious feel. I enjoyed this picture because of its setting and even its detail.
This art shows sadness, the fire burning and the lines that create it with color show a feeling of fear. The art is dramatic but also could represent something that happened.
This art is confusing a bit but the lines from thin to a broader type of line makes it what it is called Geometria. The geometry of this really gives of character and detail.
In this art it is very hard to understand what it is, but the lining makes it very mysterious and confusing. I chose it because other than it being a nice piece of art but even its detail.
This art has many types of lines from straight, wavy, curvy, and they create so many shapes but make it easy to understand what it is saying. I chose this because of detail and character.
This image shows a bit sad but even adventurous tone. The lines are wavy but give detail to what is being told.
This image if very mysterious, gloomy, cautious as if something is their. I chose this drawing because of the detail and the lines are from dark to light making it have that gloomy look.
This drawing really brings out the lines from broad to smooth to rough to edgy. I chose it because of its detail even without color the art has a lot of meaning to it even being peaceful.
This art is mysterious, confusing, lost maybe but the lines are broad making it feel it feel mysterious. I chose this because of how confusing tis art is.
This drawing is more of sorrow, death, as said from the title and even sad. The lines are shaded but broad showing what is meant to be seen and understood.
This drawing is peaceful resembling what it would be like to have been their. I chose it because of how much detail and the depth of it making it seem like your there.
This piece of art is gloomy, furious as if a big storm is about to happen. The lines are curvy but dark and give a clear visual of what is going to happen and its meaning.
Credits: All media
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