Gallery of Lines:         Enrique Vargas

Thin lines divide the pitch, and the lines on the shadow make the players looks bigger than life.
This panoramic picture shows Chicago after the Chicago Fire and the concentration of the lines give the picture a look of pride an union.
The lines by the spaceship are curved and give the perception of movement.
The picture shows a graffiti picture in LA that simply says "Graffiti" and resembles the Coca-Cola logo. The lines separating the painting from the rest of the building really make it pop
The black and white lines make the picture eye-catching and the pattern of lines make it look like an illusion.
Its a painting of Lima,Peru and shows and there is a camel, a bus, and a car. The pinkish lines and yellowish background make the picture pop and there are words written on the painting
The lines in this picture give shapes and the colors fade from yellow to green to blue. The actual words are yellow and white.
The abstract lines to the left of the picture make shapes of different size and color. The actual painting on the right is an ad and is separated by 4 lines, one spot which is white with leopard print, one is all black, one is all white, and the last one is red with leopard print
The horizontal line separates the view of the river the view or downtown of South Austin. The lines making up the buildings make up direction
The lines near the man's arm show movement and the curved lines behind his heads makes it the centerpiece of the painting.
This painting shows lines that give shape and color which fades into each other. It also says "El Arte Mellaga" which means the art reaches me.
The lines here give a clam like shape with a tie-dye effect. The lines also give a cut into the shape.
The thickness of the lines give it a falling movement almost like a raindrop. Also the length of the lines make it look like its dripping.
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