life durning the great depression 

the dust bowl took in the great depression in the 1930 it was caused by a devestaing drought that destoryed crops and farms and towns gaint dust coulds were created black outs death and destruction thousands of people had to leave the great plains because it was so bad
the new deal created alot of jobs for example they were gunna build damns along the tennesse river
loose dirt and sand were kicked up by high winds with no rain everything was dried out it proves that bad farming methods can cause a major impact on earth
the hoover damn was built to create more job and inexpenive electricty
hobones were people who were poor and would ride trains every where
shes was a well known depression photoghraper and she took so very famus picture
they helped make new jobs te build roads bridges and damns
they paased the social securty act to help retierd people and poor people
they passed this program to build dams for flood control
they enforce seciutrity laws
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