HUM 1020

All of the works of art have one thing in common. They all speak to me religiously. Instead of me writing the same thing on every work of art I would rather say it here. The works of art range from the early 14 Century to the mid 17th Century. It all speaks to how devoted I am to my religion and the fact that it is so well interpreted in ancient and medieval times. The different works depicting a variety of events that have happened over the years. The work "Daniel in the Lion's Den" by Sir Peter Paul Rubens shows the courage and faith that Daniel had to escape the den. Images like that are what give me faith and strength. "The Crucifixion" and "The Small Crucifixion" are perfect examples of the Love Christ had for the world, it can be used to remember what  could of been and what is. It is used as a reminder by some, a reminder to forgive and be forgiven. 

Credits: All media
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