The View In Your Eye

I pick these pictures because they catch the eye. They catch the eye in many ways, from color, shape, image, or description. Every painting has a meaning and most painting or art will mean something different to you. It can be the same meaning as the artist or something completely different. It's up to you and the view of your eyes. 

Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene Kneeling and Weeping, Francesco Hayez, 1827, From the collection of: Museo Diocesano Milano
The love between a mother and a daughter. As a Christen you look at this and you see see it as a meaning, as a suffering of death. And why? The author details is excellent, from the ripples in Mary clothes, to the colors he uses. He shines the face of Jesus and feel the love he has for his mother.
The War, Otto Dix, 1929-32, From the collection of: New Masters Gallery, Dresden State Art Collections
This painting means a lot to me, as a sports fan and coach. It shows to me the beginning of a war the middle, and the end. To me the end is the person thats buried. This painting defines competitive edge, make you wonder how important this meant to the warriors that where involve. Also with the details the artist is using you wonder has he been in a war or battle.
Wedding Supper, Martin van Meytens, 1763, From the collection of: Schönbrunn Palace
You look at this and my first thought was, "How much do you think this wedding cost." It looks like there where hundreds of people at the wedding and that it was for an important individual. I pick this painting because it catches your eyes with how many people attended and the color of what people wore back in the day at weddings.
Free and Leisure-10, Yue Minjun, 2003, From the collection of: Today Art Museum
This painting made me laugh right when i saw it. You wonder many things, Why are they laughing?, what are they laughing at?, Why do they all look alike? This painting instantly made my 10 month old daughter laugh. I think it caught my daughter eyes with the colors of the painting.
Untitled, Os Gêmeos, 2010, From the collection of: MAM, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo
This looks like something out of the chocolate factory. But no the color and shape in this painting catches your eyes instantly. You also see the details he uses you create each little part of the work. It also show how close he mixes a multiple of colors and also shows how he describes the people of the painting.
Summer evening on Skagen Sønderstrand, Peder Severin Krøyer, 1893, From the collection of: Skagens Museum
Many think make this picture interesting to me. First what was the event, my guess a wedding, also is it a guy and girl or two girls. Personally this picture it the spot with me because of the background and how simple he made this picture but how interesting it is. Also reminds me of when me and my wife went on our honeymoon to Jamaica and walk the beach.
The Country Pub, David Teniers The Younger, c. 1660, From the collection of: Muzeul Național Brukenthal
The country put is a pitcuture of a bunch of grumpy old men. Not a single person is smiling in the picture not even the waiter. You wonder why? It reminds me of a bar on a sunday in Detroit after the Lions lose. The color of the paining even makes it a miserable setting.
1789, Wolfgang Lettl, 1989, From the collection of: Lettl Collection
This picture should be in middle schools around the country. To me when i look at it, it explains to me that individuals all have many different personality and that there is a book for each one. I think it's a great painting that enouages you to read. The details of the persons legs and feet to the movement of the upper body it looks like its all one person.
The Operation, Wolfgang Lettl, 1999, From the collection of: Lettl Collection
This is a operation that went wrong or maybe good. It shows people falling into a pit, either it was on purpose that you get that for losing. I love competitive actions, and this can be the punishment of a lose, or the end result in a battle, the the movie 300. I love how they don't look like people but when you take it in you think they are warrior or normal people.
Smoker, LA TOUR, Georges de, 1646, From the collection of: Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
I found this to be interesting because i have never seen anyone smoke like that.Is he using a log he found and is that a pipe. Why is he not happy smoking, what is he thinking as he is lighting that. I know when i get a chance to smoke a cigar I'm happy and smiling. This process looks to take a long time so he can't smoke like this all the time. Also the colors in the picture make it look like its depress
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