Exploring Weather

 The exhibition in which you are currently observing is named “Exploring Weather” and includes 15 specific, handpicked artworks. These artworks are individually chosen by me as they each contain a different meaning. They may simply seem like landscapes and/or portraits of a place, scenery and even plain colors on a canvas, however I have a totally different perspective of these works than what they may seem. Yes, I too see them as a beautiful scenery or place however, I also look at the mood depicted in each work. The mood found in an artwork can be determined through the weather in which is painted. For example, the lightening and windy artworks were chosen to portray rage and anger however, the summery and spring-like works, give off the impression of happiness due to its warm, bright colors. Some of the artworks can be difficult to find its precise mood however its colors and movement can possibly detect a mood. By using the term “movement” I am simply implying its actions in the work, e.g. if the scenery and objects in the work are still, it could mean calmness. Therefore, whilst observing this exhibition, I strongly encourage you to look for a deeper meaning as most of these works value a different mood when compared to another artwork. Link to audio guide on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQGa39ZHT04

This work evidences the Post Modern Frame
This work evidences the Cultural Frame
This work evidences the Subjective Frame
This artwork evidences the Structural Frame
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