The Color Red as Passion in Art

By Zaid Smair

I really like the lines of the facial expressions, very precise line weight control.
Whatever these are, whether it was hair or plants, very nice line management in-between.
I love how the environment is blurry, showing how fast the birds were going.
Those horizontal and vertical think line shape the mountains very nicely, gives them depth and somewhat more silhouette.
I love how the lines are simple and yet still complex the shape of the woman's dress in the center.
Wiggly lines, makes me giggle! it really gave this composition a little bit of emotion to it.
The idea of the legs, making them hollow from the inside is terrific, gives their body's more highlight.
This Abstract is fascinating, lines management is beyond crazy.
I love this for one reason, The way the artist used line weight to shape objects like the trees, very clever.
Very simple lines, and a very interesting message.
I love how realistic this looks, and yet cartoony. The artist used outlines to keep it somewhat cartoony. on the other hand, he sets very simple and real looking reflections in the water.
Line weight is amazing, brings the attention to his head and forearms, while it fades into the background of the abstract.
I love the feathered lines, and how serious and shaded it gets when you look at the opening of the tent.
Hidden object I'm thinking... very nice line weight control.
I love this because the artist fades out the unimportant, or the regular things in the abstract, like the fence, while being more detailed and clear with the char and the book. its symmetrical too.
Credits: All media
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